Jaime, David + Katie Lou // Brooklyn, NY

I am a firm believer in fate. Things happen for a reason. Fate brought me to Jaime and David the day Katie Lou was born. I met them for the first time when I arrived in their Mass General hospital room just 24 hours after Katie was born. I spent an hour or so photographing them loving on their new little girl while chatting about life and babies. Since they would be moving to NYC the following week and were surrounded by boxes, they joined me in my home to hang out and take more photos a few days later. By the end of our time together I was incredibly bummed that they were leaving Massachusetts. But a couple hundred miles did not stop us from keeping in touch. After being told that I must come stay with them in Brooklyn more than once…I finally took them up on it. Saturday mornings in their home include letting mama sleep in, oatmeal with berries, Peppa Pig, and walks to get chocolate croissants. I loved their neighborhood. I love them. Can’t wait to go back.



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