He Made Me Breakfast

A few weeks back I left my family one Sunday afternoon to spend the night with my 89 year old grandfather. We went out to dinner and  after we went back to his apartment and talked with the television on mute in the background. He shared stories about growing up in Ireland, how he met my grandmother and raising two kids on his own after she passed away suddenly. We laughed and cried…forever it will be one of my most favorite times with him.
The following morning I woke up on the couch in his tiny apartment…he said he was going to make breakfast. Pretty much every time I see him…at some point in our conversations he will tell me about his daily routine. I always smile and act as if he has never told me before; even though I have heard it hundreds of times. My intentions behind sleeping over was to document him doing his daily routine. From breakfast to his morning walk. This is part of his everyday…the images above are far from perfect, but my heart is full knowing that I have documented this time in his life.  A time where things for him are shifting. In the end I know this was more for me than it was for him. Thank you for letting me share.


Kerri – these are so simple and beautiful and SO incredibly important (like you didn’t know that already!!!).

Stunning. I wish I had thought to do that with mine. You’re so talented and I’m so happy for you and proud that you found your calling.

This is the most beautiful collection of thoughts and photos! Just wonderful!

This post made my day. Tommy is my grandad’s brother (Michael) and I enjoyed the little insight into his current day to day. I was young when my grandad died so never really had the oportunities you describe. I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy a few times most recently 12 or so years ago here in Manchester, UK. Your photos are beautiful and tell a story. Xx

Kerry….having known and loved this man for 40 years, I’ve got to say I had tears in my eyes reading this and seeing these pix. Beautiful job! He’s still the proud and handsome man I knew all those years ago. God bless him. And thank you ♥♡

i love this. i WISH i was into photography when my grandpa was still alive. he was my buddy. reading about how you talked with the tv on mute and him telling stories took me back. lovely lovely lovely. your children will love these.



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